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jebus people. if you would just vote for (candidate x) we’d be done with this by now

umm, so i heart politics and all, but seriously. this crap is getting old.

really? really? cinco de mayo was Monday and the Democrats still don’t have their crap together enough to name a d*mn nominee? really?


see. this is why the democrats are stupidheads. (look it up. it’s a real political term.) (and i should know. i MAJORED in political science.)

i’ve been a dutiful american since Nov. 2006 (!) and all. and I’ve been totally following this election every. freaking. day.

but it’s getting old. and it’s tearing the party apart. and i KNOW that I’m not really saying anything that hasn’t been said by the 5,483 pundints on CNN (48 percent african american so they can “fairly” cover Obama; 48 percent women so they can “fairly” cover Clinton; and 4 percent old white men so they don’t have to lay EVERYONE off). but i don’t care.

im too frustrated to care.

and i’d like to offer a plan.

everyone just vote for (candidate x) and all of this will be over. and anderson cooper can FINALLY take a d*mn vacation. and newsweek’s cover story can finally NOT be about obama v. clinton and they can go back to covering more important issues.  and i can stop planning my life around primaries in states that probably will go McCain in November any. freaking. way.

im not bitter.

im just american — and i want IMMEDIATE results.


and NO, the Indiana primary hasn’t been decided yet.

and YES i’m going to bed anyway.

take that democracy.



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how to fix the world: in 10 easy steps

so in the spirit of being mad at Life, i’ve decided to write a list of all the things i plan to change when i rule the world:

(in no particular order) I WILL: change THIS:

Ledbetter worked for almost 20 years as a supervisor in an Alabama tire plant. During that time, she was paid far less than her male colleagues—a fact she was blissfully unaware of until someone slipped her a note showing the discrepancy. Stunned, she took the company to court, where a jury awarded her over $3 million in damages. She hasn’t seen a penny. Why? Because the Supreme Court decided, on appeal, that Ledbetter had missed the 180-day statute of limitations on making her complaint—and that the clock started ticking the day she was hired.

Got that? So if you don’t make a formal complaint of discriminatory pay within six months of the time your pay was decided, you don’t have a case.

Umm, wtf?? that makes me so mad. and as a young professional woman, im here to tell you that sexism is still quite alive and well in america’s workplace. Today is actually the six-month (180-day) anniverisary of when i started my current job. I haven’t sued the company, but that’s due mostly to the fact that we are told not to discuss our pay, so i have NO IDEA if my male colleagues are making tons more than I am for doing the same job.

no. freaking. idea.

2. eliminate the current health insurance system in the United States. Heck, since I’m ruling the WHOLE WORLD, I’ll just change everything. I’ll make is so people NEVER have to deal with an insurance company again. FREE MEDICINE FOR EVERYONE (paid for by number 3 on the list).

3. eliminate all military. saves lives AND money. enough said.

4. make it the law that EVERY restaurant (including McDonald’s) had to offer at least TWO vegan options. If someone owns a restaurant and doesn’t follow this law, i will require them to become vegan. ha.

5. make college free for everyone. everywhere. seriously. and i would back-instate this law so that anyone with college loans would not have to pay them off. (this also would be paid for by number 3).

6. live next door to Johnny Depp. (hey, I have to get at least ONE super cool thing out of this.) It’s not like i would force him to like marry me or anything. i just want the comfort of knowing that if i say, just happen, to need a cup of sugar, i could casually walk over to his house and borrow it.


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i fell off the earth. but im back

hey there, hi there, hoe there.

sorry about that. sorry i was gone for a week.

it was a long week. and as i write this im still extremely frustrated about a bunch of the stuff that happened last week.

i was angry, and i took it out on my blog.

me: stupid Life. fine. if that’s how you want to be Life, then i’m not even going to write about you on my blog.

but im all a little better now.

so im back.

to write about Life. (even thought i’m still holding a bit of a grudge).

hope you’ll come back too.

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