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ACTS, not just a book in the Bible any more.

it’s Sunday folks, so im thinking it might be a good time to talk about prayer.

for all you atheists reading this thing, i have 13 words for you: “act as if ye have faith, and faith shall be given to you.”

ok. now we can get down to business. a couple weeks ago i went to a Catholic 20-something group with a friend and the deacon told us about ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

it’s hard sometimes to remember to pray, much less to remember to not just ask God for stuff the whole time, but prayers are always answered and the more you say them, the more you start to realize it. so, i’ve found this to be a good way to help me focus. I usually stick to this formula during my nightly shout out to the big guy.

1. Adoration: I love you God.

2. Confession: Sorry I (insert sins) today. Will try my best not to do that again tomorrow.

3. Thanksgiving: Thank you for (insert things you are thankful for. i.e. a home, sunshine, tofurky).

4. Supplication: (Or as I like to call it “Stuff”): Dear God, if you could help me out with such and such or give me such and such, that’d be awesome. Also, if you could bless everyone I love and keep them safe, that’d be cool too.


and for those of you looking for something to get you through the day, here’s one I like to say sporadically:

Dear God,



may your prayers be answered and your life blessed.

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ya, ya. i know i eat a lot of salt.

i went to the freaking doctor for my ear.

and she was super nice, but whatever. i still hate doctors.

basically, i might have some congestion left over from my cold from like two weeks ago.  or i could have crazy high blood pressure.

she didn’t really see any congestion in my ear though, so that could just be her nice way of saying that ya, i have blood pressure issues seeing as how she did get a sky-high reading. (148/100)

which is weird because a matter of a few months ago, (when i was in the ER/at the doctor like once a week for gallbladder stuff) it was fine. FINE!

and im not going to lie, im kind of p*ssed about it. i mean for crst’s sake, i sit here working out and being vegan vegetarian all day every day and FOR WHAT?!  what the heck is the point of trying to be freaking healthy if my body is just going to fall apart at 25 anyway? i might as well eat some freaking steak with a side of cheese and sugar or something.

and this doesn’t even run in my freaking family. AND, my grandpa Lindell eats a nice side of salt with EVERY MEAL and he’s TOTALLY FINE (well, as fine as a 79-year-old man can be).

anyway, so now i have to go to random pharmacies and take it myself for a month and then report back.

and im only supposed to go once a week, but im crazy, so i already went today.

let it be know, my blood pressure was TOTALLY NORMAL. a perfectly respectable 116/73.

nonetheless, i have to lay off the salt for awhile, which im sure will make my grandma Cory VERY HAPPY, seeing as how she’s been telling to “stop eating salt” since i was like two.

whatever. dude. this is crap.

and my ear is STILL making a swishing sound so loud that it’s keeping me up at night.

le sigh.

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HECK YA! I finally have WordPress 2.8

GoDaddy hosting now officially rocks my socks.

the transition to the latest WordPress does not seem to have killed my blog so i am in my happy place right now.

yes, it took a few tries (and days), but after a couple phone calls to customer support, it finally went through.  im not going to lie, all i really had to do was click a few things on my hosting account, such as the word “update.”

i have yet to learn all the cool things WordPress 2.8 has to offer, but my basic understanding of the situation is that things will now become much easier for me when it comes to running this site. and no. it will not change one single thing for the average reader, which actually was my goal.

so yay.

also, on a side note, i DID in fact fill out a customer satisfaction survey for every single one of the GoDaddy customer service calls i had to make. and i gave all the guys who helped me perfect survey responses. i used to work in the customer service industry and i know companies take those things VERY seriously.

here’s hoping all those guys get free GoDaddy beach towles or something as a reward for their perfect customer service.

either that, or GoDaddy will realize that some crazy girl named crystal with a site called “sevenlayerburritos” despite the fact that it has nothing to do with sevens, layers or burritos, keeps giving everyone perect surveys and will respond accordingly.

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