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how to make a writer’s day

woah there. did you see that last post i wrote? pretty crazy huh?


for those interested, i seemed to have regained my footing since then.

did a little bit of the church thing (which always lifts my spirits). (get it? church. spirits. im so funny). and a little bit of the work-out thing and a little bit of the zone out in front of ABC family all day thing.

OH! and a little bit more of the talking to people in my circle thing about how to deal with life.

all good ways to de-stress.

other than that, there’s not much to report here folks.

op. wait a second im getting a phone call.


it’s SCVegan!

SCVegan (Nolan) is calling me!

omg. omg.




woah. guys. i just talked to SCVegan.

that was nuts!

he sounded so friendly. and awesome.

and he complimented my writing in this amazingly genuine tone so i married him. right there. a minister flashed into the call and everything. we got the license from vegas. (apparently they do phone orders now). there was rice and vegan cake and whatnot. it was great.

er well.

actually we just talked for about 10 more minutes and he made me laugh.

but just to recap, a random dude called me, who randomly found me on the internet and has randomly stood by my blog through thick and thin. im going to go ahead and call it — that pretty much made my freaking day!

guess things are looking up.

who knew?

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this post doesn’t suck. but it is very long.

yesterday i had a break down.

a full-blown, non-stop crying for five hours, turn my eyes into puffy pieces of fruit from the hysteria of it all, break down.

and im going to tell you about it because i kind of think that maybe other people break down too sometimes, it’s just that nobody talks about it. either that, or im just crazy by myself, which really should make this whole story that much more interesting.


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talking to myself about social media.

first of all, although i like a great many of your facebook status updates, i will no longer be clicking the “like” button below them to indicate this.

Let’s talk about facebook, why the heck is their e-mail system stuck in 1987? i’ve read it before in other places, but it bears repeating: FACEBOOK, I WOULD LIKE TO BE ABLE TO FORWARD MY MESSAGES. (for free of course). that is all.

moving on. im about to hit 1,000 posts on twitter. yay me! (ish). not quite sure if that’s a celebratory thing or what, because technically i could have just been sitting here tweeting about my nail polish choices 1,000 times in a row. but i obviously did NOT do that. so, ya. like i said, ya me!

also, what do you think my 1,000 tweet should be? maybe i should go all deep, like “one small tweet for me, one giant twitter for mankind.” or maybe more on the funny side, like “tweet. tweet. who’s there? banana. banana who?”

guess you’ll just have to visit my twitter to find out!!

speaking of the internet, i really, really like my new blog design. i’ve gotten some mixed feedback, but i’m so in love with the watercolor flowers, the notebook paper and the paragraph spacing that i don’t even care.

and while we’re on the topics of blogs, my hero, Heather B. Armstrong just wrote the final post of her three-part labor story and even though pretty much all of her posts rock, this was especially amazing. you should go read about how she brought life into the world.

part 1.

part 2.

part 3.

thank me later. 🙂

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