soon to be hpv-immune / gardasil shots hurt

Got the second of three Gardasil shots yesterday to fend off the ol’ HPV.

A nurse wearing an awkward bumblebee costume that could have doubled has a way to hide a pregnancy administered it into my left arm.

There’s a burn after the poke that feels like a fire ant crawled under the top layer of skin, had little fire-ant babies and then let them spread throughout your arm.

“WOW. That, umm, hurts,” I told the nurse, trying to hide the tears I felt inside.

“It typically does with the Gardasil,” she said like an evil bumblebee.

I knew that. I’d already had one shot. But holy needle did it still hurt.

And last time my arm was sore for three weeks. Like can’t-even-carry-my-purse-on-that-shoulder sore. Or why-does-holding-the-steering-wheel-have-to-be-SO-painful sore.

I’m told that’s normal, which I interrupt to mean “Your arm will now, again, be sore for three weeks.”

All this so I won’t get HPV.

I’m not even entirely sure what HPV is or why I should fear it.

Not to mention that the process requires a six-month commitment to getting the doses, and the longest commitment I’ve made, ever, was to the season pass at Great America and that was only five months from date of purchase to close of park.

I have this irrational fear that when it’s time for the final shot, I will find myself someplace remote with either multiple rainforests or multiple trailer parks and no nurses or health insurance in sight and then somehow the first two doses no longer will be effective because I won’t get the final dose in time!

Also, I have a newfound irrational fear of bumblebees.

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  1. ally

    You really don’t know what HPV is or why you should fear it? Hmm.. I think I can help you out there:

    1) HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and one which condoms are only mildly protective against
    2) HPV causes genital warts OR changes in the cells of your cervix that could become cancerous, depending on the strain of HPV (there’s lots of em)
    3) There is no test for men for HPV, which is why it is SO important for women to protect themselves with this vaccine – you will never know if your future partner has HPV.
    4) Managing HPV is a pain in the ass. How do I know? I have it, and the strain I have is the one that causes changes in my cervix that could possibly lead to cancer. I wish I wish I wish that darn vaccine was available 10 years ago.

    Kudos to you for getting yourself the vaccine – that pain in your arm is well worth being able to avoid the anxiety and worry of getting check ups every 6 months to make sure you don’t have cancer.

  2. admin (Post author)

    Wow. Thanks so much for sharing that with me. I’m so sorry to hear that about you, but I’m glad you were able to comment on it here. Hopefully other women and girls will listen to how important the HPV vaccine is and respond accordingly.

    – Crystal

  3. SCVegan

    funny, the nurse at the medical marijuana clinic in Eagle Rock also wears a bumble bee outfit. Even funnier, that was in March.

  4. gina

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