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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for your donation! From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough!! You are amazing!!


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  1. petro konts


  2. Bob DeMatteis

    Hi Crystal, love your writing style, keep it up!

  3. K

    I’ve suffered for years with chronic knee pain after an injury at age 20, and was poo-poo’ed by doctors and accused of being “anxious” when the pain continued. I lived with it without so much as an Advil, hobbling around, unable to enter beauty pageants or do certain jobs I would have loved to due to the footwear requirements that set my knee off. I then began to suffer from diffuse body pain, with the same dismissive reaction from doctors. I tried medicine: physio, dietary changes, vitamins, reiki, orthotics, meditation, etc. helped for a while. Then, this summer, I began to suffer excruciating leg pain, and after injuring my back, I suddenly became bedridden with stabbing, burning pain and muscle spasms. Complex regional pain syndrome and fibromyalgia are diagnoses, along with a rare movement disorder called DRD. Your blog has been the best thing I’ve found researching pain. Even with these diagnoses, the medical community STILL treats you like more of a mental patient, eg pain is in your head. Pain programs are useless, CBT is bullshit at a certain level of pain. It’s no more in your head than Parkinson’s is (oh look, low dopamine a neurotransmitter). Pain is real I hope everyone of these doctors gets the illnesses they treat so lightly! Thanks for giving a voice to the experience of so many.


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