i don’t need real friends — i have grey’s anatomy

well, i was trying to be all cool and show my solidarity with the writers of hollywood by saying things like ‘dude, since the writers striked and the networks are tying to randomly bring back shows in the spring, im SO not going to watch them so i can show how important writers are’

and i was doing well.

i didn’t watch desperate housewives.

i didn’t watch boston legal.

i didn’t even watch american idol — because it sucks this year. to show that reality tv writers should be unionized.

but then.

ohhh snap. grey’s anatomy came back tonight.

i love that show. seriously.

i planned my whole stupid day around it. and i got home and made a vegan-organic-frozen dinner, and sat down on my couch and fell right back in love with patrick dempsey.

and im not even embarrased about. i don’t care that my favorite TV blogger doesn’t even acknowledge the show’s existence, because i know it’s out there and i L.O.V.E love it! 

i love the characters. and the writing. and the stories. and the one-liners. ( “We’re adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?” ~ Meredith) and the way it all gets tied up with a writing bow at the end.

i just do.

and i really do hope they write enough new shows to fill every 8 p.m. to 9:05 p.m of every single Thursday this summer. 

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  1. First, it’s Johnny Depp. Now, it’s Patrick Dempsey.
    I can’t wait for the “I love Wilford Brimley and I don’t care what anyone thinks” blog.
    You prbably don’t know who Wilford Brimley is. Ask Doug. Go ahead, ask him. He’s sitting right next to you. He’ll know who Wilford Brimley is.
    Patrick Dempsey? Jeez.

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