wait. am i shopko’s target market?

today i had to go to shopko’s optical center (they take my vision insurance) to get some paper work straighted out.

and then i started walking around the store.

and it was SO randomly nice.

it wasn’t crowded (even though it’s saturday). the prices were reasonable (i got a portable radio on clearance for $7.50!) and they had a wide selection (they have a Pay-Less shoe section as well as their own, which includes Nike products — like the bag i bought).

i used to wonder who the target market for shoko was. i mean they’re not as cheap as wal-mart. they’re not as high-end as Target and they’re not as small as wal-greens.

but i think i just figured out who they want to shop there.


im not sure how i feel about it yet. but if you’re looking for a good deal on bras (they’re 40 percent off this weekend!) id recommend you stop by your local shopko.

just sayin’. (to be fair, i totally stole that phrase from my friend erin. (proof can be found at the end of this post) she’ pregnant AND she’s my friend. and she’s witty — so i stole her phrase. im shameless)

UPDATE: woah, i just looked shopko up on wikipedia and it states that the chain is based out of wisconsin. umm. i LIVE in wisconsin. see. i AM their target market!

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fearing vegas

so im currently watching “fear and loathing in las vegas.” (the movie).

that’s right. im watching it right now.

it’s freaking weird.

and don’t get me wrong — i L.O.V.E Johnny.

(Depp, that is). (he’s the star).

but it’s a damn weird movie.

i think part of the disconnect is that i don’t do drugs (unless you count tylenol pm — which rocks my socks when i have a headache).

i waited a super long time to watch this particular johnny depp movie. my friend dean in south dakota (where i lived about a year ago) lent it to me once. and it sat on my entertainment center for like three months before i eventually gave up and gave the movie back.

since then, my friend jbo has lent to it me (along with like three other Johnny Depp movies). but that was like for.eva. ago.

i’ve watched other johnny depp movies.

the weird ones (once upon a time im mexico, ed wood)


the scary ones ( sleepy hollow, from hell).


the amazing ones (blow, donnie brasco)


the awful one (pirates of the caribbean three)

and two others that i rented from family video. (the libertine and don juan deMarco)

and now. im finally tackling ‘fear and loathing’

and by “tackling” i mean i have it on in the background while i blog, talk to my friends online, make phone calls and read text messages.

uu! is that cameron diaz? i know her. she’s pretty normal.

oh, its just a cameo.

why is johnny depp balding now?

im so confused.

well, i guess i should start paying attention ( and by “paying attention” i mean “go get a bottle of water from the fridge”).

wish me luck!

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because i don’t think i was writing enough before

so i got another blog.

for work.

it’s about politics (i KNOW. bor.ing).

but you should read it anyway — because i can make bor.ing fun. swear.

it’s (soon to be) linked on my blogroll or you can just click here (hopefully) to see it. you should also be able to find it via www.thenorthwestern.com if you’re feeling like exploring my paper’s web site (newly redesigned, no less!) 

i know. fun times.

p.s. i HATE the picture posted with it. i really am much prettier in real life.

UPDATE: so ya, the link isn’t really working on my blog roll. or in this post. but you really can find the blog on www.thenorthwestern.com. promise.

i’ll be sure to work on the link issue tomorrow.

UPDATE: The links should be working now.

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