21 reasons to say thanks this year

Things I’m thankful for this year:

1. A washer and dryer in my apartment.

2. The praise band at my church that takes our services to the next level and connects the congregation to the Holy Spirit.

3. Heated seats in my car.

4. Cable TV that comes with On Demand service for USA and History channel, even though I only have basic channels. Yay for Burn Notice, Covert Affairs and Ancient Aliens.

5.  KLOVE radio, which helps me worship God during my commute.

6. Words with Friends, which keeps me busy even when I pee.

7. $10 spray tans that take me from cute to almost hot.

8. My aunt and uncle coming up from New Orleans to visit and then getting just as excited as I do about Black Friday shopping.

9. All the hours in the car I spend with my little sister Monica listening to Christian music and talking about life.

10. All the times my mom saves me from the brink of any of the following: Going bankrupt, total depression, car accidents.

11. My dad’s pending wedding. Yay for him for finding love.

12. My brothers coming up for Thanksgiving and finally being able to stay for Black Friday.

13. A job that lets me work from home two days a week, and keeps me stocked with delicious candy at all times and also sends me on trips to fun places like Orlando.

14. Eric Jensen’s true commitment to the Crossroads UMC youth group, and his ability to work with me even when I’m super stressed and a little bit crazy.

15. Jesus Calling, a devotional by missionary Sarah Young that helps me start my day connected to God.

16. Pastor Wes, for, among other things, leading an intense Disciple class that is truly giving me a stronger understanding of God’s word.

17. Adele, for singing to my soul.

18. All the youth at Crossroads who keep showing up every week.

19. A free couch that turned my house into a home.

20. Youth Works, for changing the lives of everyone who goes on their mission trips.

21. My first Thanksgiving as a meat eater in about 10 years.

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