A life of faith

Today in youth group we talked about the resurrection story (see: Easter, requirements) and we asked the students what it means to them that Jesus died on the cross for their sins.

And one of the amazing students in said youth group said that to her it really showed that Jesus had faith in humanity.

I had never thought about it that way.

But really, I guess, Jesus could have been all “These people suck. And no matter what I do they’ll never change, so why bother.”

He didn’t say that though. Instead, he was all, “I love these people. And I know that if I die for them, they have the ability to become their best selves.”

So, it was Jesus’ faith in us that mattered first. Not the other way around.

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  1. I feel special 😛 but for real. He did have faith in humanity. If he didn’t, why would he have sacrificed himself in such a painful way? He knew something even we sometimes lose sight of, everybody has that faith within themselves, no matter how deep and covered it may be. 🙂

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