a pretty blank day

don’t get me wrong, some shyte happened today and whatnot, it’s just that none is the kind of thing i can post here.

i mean there was the thing with that one guy and then the other thing with the other guy.

oh! oh!

AND that one thing with that one girl.


ya. can’t write about any of that here.

i swear, it’s almost enough to make me wish that i didn’t go around telling people about my blog all the time.


ya right. like THAT’S ever going to happen.

in other news, i did change my earrings today for the first time since getting them pierced. i went with a lovely little blue flower that i got as part of a three-pack on sale for $2.65.


im cheap like that.

here’s a pic in case you’re sitting there on the very edge of your seat cushion wanting to know what they look like (and yes, i really am that pale):


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  1. at first i thought it was a little funny that you waited so long to get your ears pierced, but then i realized that MY ears aren’t pierced. So i guess you win this round Crystal Sue.

    Oh, and what I find to be really funny is that I keep my blog anonymous but whenever i go to a vegan event type thing, people come to me and ask if i am SCVegan. How do they know?

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