I went jogging with April yesterday.

Usually I jog alone. I don’t like pacing with another person.

It’s bad enough that I’m running and whatnot and the last thing I want is to have someone tell me I’m going too slow.

I seriously resisted this jog.

I was all, “I hate working out with you. You’re mean. I don’t want to go. You’re going to tell me I’m too slow. I really don’t want to run with you. In fact, I barely even like you.”

Straight up mean.

But I went.

April has this way about her that makes you want to be a better person whether you like it or not.

Spend the afternoon with her, and you’ll find yourself giving blood, using reusable grocery bags and taking the stairs.

It sucks until the moment it’s over and you realize you’re a contributing member of society.

So ya, I went on the stupid jog.

And I kind of liked it.


I mean, well it was kind of nice to have someone push me a little bit, someone to hold me accountable. No stopping halfway through to walk. No breaks to catch my breath. No slowing down.

With her by my side, I did two miles.

And I think, in life we all need someone like April. To push us to keep jogging, and to keep moving forward on the right path when we want to take a break.  To help us to remember not to do too many stupid things or to get in our own way.

We need someone to hold us accountable.

So thanks April. Whether you like it or not.

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  1. Love this. Also, hi. Clearly I’m catchong up on your blog right now. I’m proud of you for getting out there! Having accountability is great, especially when it’s a daunting task. And trust me, running is.

  2. i like how you two are so close. it’s good to have friends like that. though, if i had a friend that tried to make me run all the time, i would probably block their phone number.

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