All of our wrists are probably doomed.

My wrists are feeling better than they were. I mean, they’re not like “better” as in pain free or anything, but they’re on the mend for sure.

I’ve had three physical therapy appointments where I basically just sat with my wrists in huge heating blankets for 10 minutes or something and then the therapist used ultra sound therapy on my wrists.

And not like, “Oh, let’s just make sure there’s no alien living in your wrists to be on the safe side”-ultra sound therapy, but like the ultra sound rays or whatever are supposed to help them heal.

There’s not even a screen with an image of the inside of my wrists, which is kind of disappointing.

When I asked the dude what the ultra sound machine even did, he seriously said, “Nobody really knows.”

That was his answer. “Nobody really knows.”

But it doesn’t really matter I guess, because it does seems to be working.

I just have to stay pretty well medicated, and not use my wrists for anything at all ever for a little while longer. The prognosis is good after that. In fact, if I play my cards right, the whole thing could heal and I could be using my wrists for all sorts of activities by summer!

But, I need to tell you, as a sort of life warning, that for some reason, right now, in my current condition, doing anything on my super huge smart phone makes them throb.

Seriously. Throb. Like, “bum bump, bum bump, bum bump” with pain.

And I’m not saying tendinitis is definitely going to happen to you because you have a smart phone or anything, but you should probably be on guard for it. Maybe set it down every three hours or so, and cut back on the Words with Friends and Facebook.

Because I wouldn’t wish the pain I’ve been in the last few weeks on anyone.


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