And then, on 9/12 everything was different

yesterday i got to do the kind of thing that reminds my why I keep sticking out this whole journalism thing.

A 9/11 survivor who started the day on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center that morning spoke at a local hospital for the 8th anniversary. Not only did I cover the speech, I also got to do a video interview with him before hand.

I had never met someone like that before and his story was very moving.

Go read my story here.

Go watch the video here.

As he says, “Always remember. Never forget.”

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Comments (3)

  1. Sandy

    Great job on article and video. What an experience!

  2. the beast girl

    that was wonderful. thank you for sharing.

    i choke up every time i hear another story or another detail about that day.

  3. SCVegan

    ARGH NO! What is my NW Herald login again?!?


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