because it’s my blog and i can makes lists if i want to.

things that suck about life:

•sore throats

•gas prices

•not having a dish washer

•boring meetings

•my inability to avoid typos

•having a bunch of friends who haven’t seen “sex and the city,” therfore putting me a position where i can’t talk about THE most amazing movie eva.

•swim-suit season

tomatoes making people sick

•eating out when you’re vegan

•my salary 

•racist people not liking barack obama

floods (luckily this has only happened to other people thus far, and i live on the second floor so i feel pretty safe. but still, i feel sad for the victims)

•motzerella not being vegan

•not being able to fall asleep even when im tired

Reno 911. (seriously, who watches this show?)

 ya. that pretty much sums it up for tonight.

any one want to add anything?


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  1. annoying people

    my messy house

    SORE THROATS (seriously? it’s june)

    chapped lips

    long lines at the grocery store

    working split shifts every day of my life

    okeeeeeeeee, i’m going to bed now. but really, i could go on. it’s been one of those days.

  2. and i also do not enjoy reno 911. jeff cracks up for the whole show and i’m sitting there like, “uh, this is not even close to funny.”

  3. You can SOON talk about Sex and the City. I made a promise to The Friend I’d treat him to a showing of it, since he agreed to sit through virtually five back-to-back episodes (Truth be told, though, he totally digs that show, so it’s not like I’m forcing him). Weeee! I’ll let you know when 🙂

  4. Oh, and Not Getting Your Period.

    Contrary to how many of us complain about this regularly. It’s sort of nice to get it, you know, once in a while. Just to be sure you’re still a woman and all that jazz.

  5. How about being stuck at work because the sheets of rain that we’ve gotten in the last two hours? Has made EVERY STREET IN TOWN IMPASSABLE! That’s right. I’m stuck here. Because our parking lot and all the roads? They’ve become lakes.

  6. How about:

    The Current President
    The Carribean Monk Seal going extinct
    People who don’t care about the environment

    I am sure there are more but its Friday.

  7. I really like Reno 911. It makes me laugh out loud. If you don’t like, it must not like to be happy, and that’s just sad, Crystal. Sad.

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