Bottle blonde

I’m a little super extremely worried my hair is going to fall out.

Not like when I’m 60 or something, like normal baldness, but right now. Or, well, about 15 minutes from now.

Because of the recession, student loans and an overall lack of an extra $150 to get my hair professionally dyed a lovely shade of blonde, I’m doing it myself.

This will end one of four ways.

1. Every stand will be a day late for St. Patrick’s day.

2. Every strand will fall out. (And then I would cry for a week straight).

3. It will look like a pumpkin pooed on my scalp.

4. Awesome.

I said a prayer for number four, but I’m not sure how much God cares about my hair exactly, seeing as how he’s dealing with Haiti and health care as of late.

Wish me luck.

And don’t worry. I’ll post some pictures of whatever the results turn out to be. (Unless my hair falls out, because then I will be crying hysterically. Sorry in advance).

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