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taking his name.

so me, my two fabulous cousins, and two of my fabulous siblings recently were in my little ford escort for about 4 hours (long story) and during this car trip from heck (like a car trip from h3ll, but not as bad) we played THE CELEBRITY NAME GAME!

this is how it goes: I say ‘jessica simpson’ and then you have to name a celebrity with the first letter of the last name i just said. so like ‘sarah jessica parker’ would work. and then you go around the car (preferably clock-wise) doing this until you get too many ‘c’s in a row and nobody can thinking of anything beyond ‘carrie underwood’ and ‘calvin coolidge.’

it’s d*mn fun times.

and we got to my little sister (she’s nine now) and she had ‘k’

so i was all ‘think of a famous katie. you know, the one married to tom cruise.’

and she was all ‘oh. duh. katie cruise.’

we gave her the point.

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fine, i do love the stupid puppy

cutests dog eva

seriously, it\'s a damn cute dog

ok. ok. when my mom said she got a puppy, my first reaction was “YOU’RE SO STUPID! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH WORK GOES INTO TO TAKING CARE OF A PUPPY?”

but then i met THE cutest dog in the world.


and i kind of fell in love.

and i’m pretty sure the dog — shadow — is the SMARTEST dog ever too. he already knows how to “sit.”

true story.

don’t tell my mom, but i’m going to go ahead and steal him from her.

also true story.

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