taking his name.

so me, my two fabulous cousins, and two of my fabulous siblings recently were in my little ford escort for about 4 hours (long story) and during this car trip from heck (like a car trip from h3ll, but not as bad) we played THE CELEBRITY NAME GAME!

this is how it goes: I say ‘jessica simpson’ and then you have to name a celebrity with the first letter of the last name i just said. so┬álike ‘sarah jessica parker’ would work. and then you go around the car (preferably clock-wise)┬ádoing this until you get too many ‘c’s in a row and nobody can thinking of anything beyond ‘carrie underwood’ and ‘calvin coolidge.’

it’s d*mn fun times.

and we got to my little sister (she’s nine now) and she had ‘k’

so i was all ‘think of a famous katie. you know, the one married to tom cruise.’

and she was all ‘oh. duh. katie cruise.’

we gave her the point.

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