blogging is hard

so, after searching for like 32 hours for a photo plugin for my site, i think i might finally be onto something. i’ve uploaded fotobook, which brings in all my facebook photos. this is especially exciting because i can download facebook photos from my crackberry, so it should be easy to get new photos on this site.

i still want to make some tweaks to it, but for now you can find my facebook photos by clicking on the “Photos” page on the top of the site. I’ve also set up the widget, which will display random photos on the sidebar, which you can find on the right of this site (or the bottom if you read me on your phone). fun times.

im still hoping to find a plugin that gives me a calendar template and lets me upload photos to each day, (like this) which of course would create a “daily photo” — my ultimate goal.

for now though, enjoy the facebook photos.

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like taking a needle from a herion addict (or maybe just a lighter from a smoker)

Dear blackberry makers,

When you sold me my $17 memory card and explained that it could in fact store the world on it, I thought I would be safe to umm, store stuff on it.

I was wrong.

The other day, I was just sitting on the couch when my dad called and to my surprise I heard a default ringtone. (TO CLARIFY, THERE WAS NO WATER ON MY COUCH). after looking through some every file on my phone, i realized the normal ringtone (fittingly “I’m not going to write you a love song”) no longer was on my memory card – because it had deleted itself.

That’s right. IT DELETED ITSELF! That freaking thing had video, pictures, digital recording of work interviews, music and the air I breathe stored on it.

I didn’t panic though. I thought, surely those nice folks at one of many local Verizon stores could fix the problem. No. no they couldn’t. In fact, I’m would argue that they either a. didn’t know what exactly my problem was b. didn’t believe me or c. assumed i must have dropped the phone in the atlantic, seeing as how severe water damage was the only explanation.

In any case, I am extremely disappointed with the quality of this device and it’s corresponding memory card. I have since developed trust issues and am wondering if I should (gasp) switch to some sort of apple product for all my memory-card related needs. (Those iPod touch thingys look pretty tempting). Just wanted to give you a heads up!

Thanks for your time,


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funny (stupid) things boys have said to me

> while laying next to him, i said “I like laying next to you.” he said: i wish i could clone myself, so i could see why people like laying next to me. moral of the story? when a girl says ‘i like laying next to you’ just say, ‘i like laying next to you too.

> while (another) boy was looking at my french manicure: ‘your nails aren’t even painted.’ oh yes. i just have supa whie tips naturally.

UPDATE: This is my first sucessful use of the write now-post later technology (aka, the time machine). and it seems to have been a succcess. now i just have to fix my flux capacitor and i’ll be winning tomorrow’s lottery in no time.

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