So even though I eat at Taco Bell like every day once a week and I never exercise because I’m lazy it’s too cold outside and I consider chocolate a food group, I really do have this random goal of being healthy. And yes, I once worked out hard core at 5:30 a.m. every day and I never ate anything but lean cuisines and I never drank anything but water and I lost weight, BUT i don’t think I was really healthy at that point in my life — i was more just dehydrated.

So I’m trying to take smaller steps to get on back on the healthy wagon — and everyone keeps telling me that one of the best things I can do is cut out soda from my diet. So, because I’m American, I decided I would do this by making it my New Year’s Resolution — and then a week later I failed. But I still have these fantasies of giving up the dang soft drink — I just can’t do it. I LOVE it way too much. I mean I really love it. and I really think that overall I’m much happier if I can have AT LEAST one Coke a day, because every day at around 3 p.m. (or what I like to call “desperatly wishing I could take a nap” time) I feel like falling asleep and i just CANNOT drink coffee that doesn’t cost at least $4 a cup, so I spend 70 cents on a can of Coke from the break room. And i try to pretend the the calories I burn going down to the vending machine on the second floor and then carrying the coke back up to my desk on the third floor is at least about as many as are in the can of coke — but I’m too smart to fall for my own lies. 

I’m thinking cigarettes might be healthier, and from what I understand people who are addicted to nicotine are WAY cooler than people addicted to soda — at least that’s the message I think I was supposed to take away from Sex and the City. 

So, in conclusion, I’ve officially changed my new year’s resolution — I vow to START smoking….(I’m sure I’ll fail in like a week though.)  

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  1. Don’t even think about starting to smoke!

    Here’s my soda advice though. I used to love Coke. But then I decided to switch to diet soda. I started with Diet Pepsi though, cause it’s more sweet than Diet Coke and found that worked wonders. After awhile, Diet Pepsi got to be too sweet and then I switched to Diet Coke, which is now my drink of choice. Good luck.

  2. I think the way I quit soda (I was, oh, 14) was by telling my then-teenage self I was cool for not conforming. While all my friends were downing Dews in homeroom, I was sporting my trendy water bottle, which I rebelliously displayed on my desk in each class. Not sure that helps a 24-year-old young professional, but hey. Good luck 🙂

    1. Check out Ellie Krieger she’s on Food Network. You can get a lot of recipes oninle. Also, any cookbook that you are cooking from is going to be healthier than what you are eating now. Taking out cooking in olive oil instead of saturated fat is going to make an immediate change.

  3. Didn’t you freak out when you found out I had ONE cigarette in my whole life? (OK, maybe like 3-4) I think it would be only fair for me to totally disown you if you begin smoking.

    If it helps, I allow myself to drink pop only on Sundays. But I can drink as much pop as I can find.

    /I don’t think that will help.

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