dating boys is exhausting

o remember that whole thing I mentioned in that one sentence in that one post? well. It’s going well.

last night i went to a boy’s house and he made me dinner.

DID YOU READ THAT? he MADE me dinner!

and it’s my understanding that the food was not at one point frozen or in any sort of plastic container covered with plastic. it’s also my understanding that it did not have to pass through a drive-through window to get to my plate.

now, you might be all, OH NO! what if he didn’t buy the wine you like? or. what if he bought icky salad dressing? or. what if he accidently put bacon in something?

don’t fret. 1. he got both red AND white just to be safe. 2. he disowned his italian heritage and bought ranch dressing because i told him i like it. and 3. the whole meal was meat free.

and he’s pretty cute, and sweet, and he recently went on vacation and while away sent me a post card, which made me smile for about 27 hours straight.

and im not sure where all this is going to go, but i just wanted to take a moment to be happy, because i kinda, really like him.

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  1. Not to sound too negative, but if the guy “makes” dinner at “his place” for the first date, then there is something not right about him. I personally never let a girl see my place until week NINE of the relationship, and even then she only gets a Polaroid of my place, taken from the street, (address blacked out), and I must hold it to her eye level. After 11 seconds it goes back into my pocket; if she asks to see the Polaroid again I burn it with the table candle (restaurant must always have a small flame on the table, very important) and drop it on her salad plate, followed by a very stern “Well, I hope you’re happy”.

    I still pay for dinner, though because I am a gentleman.

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