don’t worry. SCVegan is fine :)

ok guys, im not like super crazy or anything. i mean, well, ya i did send a message to SCVegan‘s brother’s band on myspace.

but i was seriously worried that he had been killed by a bomb, or a bus, or an unstable bridge, or maybe a broken electrical wire. worst case scenarios were running rampant over here.

my next step was to start calling t-shirt design companies in santa clarita. (i have these reporter skills for a reason people).

luckily, things didn’t go that far. someone from the band wrote back letting me know Nolan was fine.

and the next day i got one better, an e-mail from SCVegan himself. always the cool guy that he is, he wrote:

“One way to look at it, is that if something did actually happen to me, such as being trapped under a large bookcase, you contacting my family and friends may have actually saved my life. So, thanks for that Crystal, as I almost owe you my life. hahaha.”

i really am glad you’re all right buddy.

now i can go back to worrying about what i usually worry about, like money and what to write on my next Twitter update.

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  1. i remember this lol

    people were asking me who you are, said you were worried. it’s nice to know people notice when i step out. thanks for making me feel important, it’s a good feeling.

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