for a journalist, i’m pretty easy to fool

So when i came over from south dakota for my job interview back in October it was 80 degrees in oshkosh. that’s right, in OCTOBER here, IT WAS 80 DEGREES. i said, “where do i sign up for this job?” and i packed up my stuff and moved to Wisconsin immediately.

And as soon as I did the temperature dropped 100 degrees. that’s right. IT WAS NEGATIVE 20. ok, maybe it only got down to negative 10, but it really was negative 17 with the wind chill. cross my heart. and i was starting to look at jobs in places that actually have a reputation for being warm. i.e. hotlanta, GA. etc. that way the newspaper couldn’t just fool me with warm weather during my interview.

but then…

today, it was like 40 degrees!!!! and because I’m used to it being negative 10, 40 actually felt like 87. and i put on my bathing suit and went to work and it was so awesome and i was thinking “maybe i CAN live here.” then, five minutes later a winter storm warning was posted online. seriously. FIVE MINUTES LATER.

so, if any of you know anyone who could hook me up with a job in hotlanta, just click on the contact section of my blog and follow the simple instructions. …… (note to current employer, i’m not actually seeking a new job.)

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