Happy! Love! Joy! Starbucks!

Hello. My name is Crystal and it’s been five and a half hours since my last raspberry mocha from Starbucks.

It’s been rough, yes, but I’m still awake, so yay!

Guys, I’m seriously getting addicted to Starbuck’s again. It’s just cups full of happy happy love joy! And I have like an hour commute now, so my sleep time is about negative three hours a day. But with wonderful, magical coffee IT DOESN’T MATTER!



I do, feel like I’m basically just saying F-YOU to the developing world when I pay $5.67 for a cup of coffee, seeing as how I could probably feed like 37 people for a month on that in like Africa or something, but then, the coffee makes me happy and I justify it in my mind and everything is fine.

I need to get off the stuff though. Aside from the fact that it basically costs as much as my rent, it also has 3,000 calories per cup. Ish. Also, when it wears off I crash like a mofo. All, splat on my desk.

But I can quit anytime I want to. I swear. I totally can.

And I’m totally going to. Maybe. Probably.

Well let’s just play it by ear.

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