having fun all the time is kinda exhausting

wow. im SO tired today.

went to six flags great america with a crapload of people yesterday. mostly family members who are in town from new orleans.

and about half of us went on vertical velocity. That ride is CRAZY.

you’re sitting in the seat and then BAM! you’re going 6 million miles per hour up a hill about the height of the sears tower. then just for kicks, it pulls you backwards up another hill, so you can see exactly how far you’d fall to your death if say, the seat belt stopped working. then you go forward again, only this time it’s higher, so you basically surpass the sears tower, then back again, then forward once more before you come a screeching halt and have a heart attack.

fun times guys. FUN TIMES!

also, my aunt, mom and i did the water park, except it was like 70 degrees, so nobody else was stupid enough to stand in line for any of the rides and we did like every slide in about 8 minutes flat.

one of the slides was a family-style raft that could hold up to two adults. there were three of us though, so i was planning to go down alone. except the crazy life guard lady was spouting off about some weight distribution crap. luckily (?) there was a random teenage boy up there whose friends had ditched him and went down without him.

and my mom was all “CRYSTAL RIDE WITH HIM!” and i was like “SHHH! MOM! NO!” in a loud whisper.

alas, the only other choice was to walk down the stairs again, so he and i sucked it up and went down together. and im telling you that boy lept out of that raft quicker than a kangaroo at the bottom of that slide and walked away from me.

i didn’t take it personally though, because im cool like that.

later i want to share a post about how everything i need to know in life i learned at six flags, but i haven’t quite finished it, so you’ll have to wait a bit for that.

in the meantime feel free to watch this video that some crazy person took with what i can only assume is a cell phone camera on the vertical velocity and then posted on youtube. no it wasn’t me, and yes, it’s WAY scarier in person:

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  1. Wait, they let kangaroos on the slides at the water park? Your six flags is way more animal friendly than mine; we can’t take animals in at all. I have to pretend i am blind when i want to take buster with me.

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