hey there myspace, it’s been a hot minute

ok. im a bad myspace friend.

i haven’t been on that site in FOREVER!

oh. what’s that? you messaged me? sorry about that.

huh? you also commented on my profile? wait, what layout did i have on there again? oh ya. that one with the pretty white flower.

yep, don’t go on there anymore. WAY too much clutter for me.

except that this week there was some stuff with the thing and i had to become fluent in like three minutes flat.

and there i was, the girl who was on facebook like a week after my college was added to the site in 2003 2004, asking my 10-year-old sister how to view status updates on stupid myspace.


first of all, when the crap did she get an online personality? and second of all, why the heck does she need it? and third of all, why the frick is it so freaking hard to view people’s past status updates on myspace?

for realz.

also, my sister is 10. TEN. who is she talking to?

because i swear to Tom, if you mess with her, i will use my amazing journalism skills to find you and kill you.

true story.

now excuse me while i stalk her online and try to convince her that facebook is better in every way.

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  1. I only use Twitter, and I barely use twitter. Friends keep telling me to get on Facebook, but since I have a hard time remembering their names I question how good of friends they really are and whether or not I really need their faces in my book.

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