I am Christian

I am not Christan because it’s cool. I am Christian because I love God and Jesus and because the Holy Spirit moves inside me. I don’t want to force my beliefs on to you. I want to share them because I know they are powerful and real and because Jesus saves. I don’t just want to show up to church, I want to be church in the world. To me, being Christ-like doesn’t just mean friendly, or happy or nice. It means looking at the world and doing something to make it better. It means that I will do hard things, and pray hard prayers.  It means I will not always be happy, but it also means I will always know love. I am Christian.

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  1. Lynn

    And I am happy to call you sister. Here is a blessing from me to you so that God will continue to work through you to save others. Thanks for being obedient to His call.
    Love in Christ,

  2. SCVegan



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