i gots stuff to do

so after watching an episode of scrubs where J.D. does a triathalon just minutes before he turns 30 — so he can cross it off his list of “things to do before turning 30” — i was, umm, inspired.

im 24 and three quarters (hi. my birthday is Aug. 23. feel free to send me vegan baked goods) and i figure now is as good a time as any to create of list of things to do before turning the big 3-0. (this way i have like FIVE years to get this stuff done).

1. visit hawaii

2. write a book (and get someone to pay me for it)

3. get a decent paying job (without selling my soul)

4. get a kitchen table

5. quit drinking soda. (hmmm. this sounds hard). quit drinking kool-aid. (yes! i’ve already done this!)

6. meet johnny depp. (wait. already did this too! sorry. actually i just wanted to bring that up one more time.)

7. not have a car payment.

8. grow my hair out past my shoulders (or make enough to buy hair extensions).

9. visit south dakota

10. pay off approx. 33 percent of my $45,670 worth of student loans.

11. or! win the lottery (and/or marry rich) and pay them ALL off!

12. get published in Time magazine (a “letter to the editor” totally counts here)

13. go skydiving (cliche, but who cares).

AND finally:

14. stop thinking 30 is old.

so there it is people. feel free to hold me accountable.

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  1. as your bf in oshkosh (i am your best friend here, right? don’t answer that if i’m not) i also hope you marry rich or win the lottery. because it think that could be quite beneficial for me as well. and then we could both stop selling our souls to the man. the end.

  2. “14. stop thinking 30 is old.

    so there it is people. feel free to hold me accountable.”

    *cough, sputter, choke, sigh*

    Yes. PLEASE. Stop thinking 30 is old.

    *muttering ratsnfartsnbuttsnstuff words under my breath*

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