i kinda feel responsible for their souls

i’d say the best activity of the morning was a game called “truth, truth, lie.” so basically i had them breaking a commandment during the freaking ice breaker.

bible sigh.

being a church youth group leader is hard.

seriously. i feel pressure.


pretty sure the college guy helping me out noticed i was stressed after i explained my planned activities for our first meeting today in a fast-pitch, no-breath-between-sentences-kinda-way.

it was either that or the fact that my hands were shaking.

could have either or i guess.

this whole situation is the kind of thing that could totally blow up in my face when i meet my maker.

him: crystal, your activities were boring, you had my children lying within 20 minutes, and you didn’t even give out candy for anything.

me: frick.

i spent all last year learning the ropes, but now the former leaders have stepped down leaving me in control.




i really, really, really, really want to be good at this seeing as how its for GOD and all.

my plan right now is basically, “try really hard to not suck.” (can youth group leaders say suck?) (i have so much to learn).

… For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

– Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Crystal,
    The kids love you and whatever you do will be awesome, because you have a heart for Him. The command that is most given in the Bible is, “Fear not”. You are not in control, He is and with Him all things are possible. Remember, you are awesome and it sounds like you have some great ideas. Let me know if you need some behind the scenes help. I’m there for you.

  2. Hey —
    At least you are serving. I remember playing “two truths and a lie” in youth group too…

    Meanwhile, depending on the size of your group, look up the rules to “Four on a couch.” My youth group played this game incessantly (I kid you not). It’s a great get to know you type game.

  3. If i were in a youth group and we got to choose our leaders, i would choose you. totally. unless, like it were between you and the cool yet unconventional youth group leader that breaks the rules and leads us kids to victory in some competition against our rival youth group across the lake. MVP All-Star 1st Place Super Jock Future Champions of Everything Youth Group. This youth group leader would be the guy with a cool hat and wearing an Hawaii shirt instead of the regular youth group uniform. Easy to spot.

    But if he’s not there, definitely choose you. Because you’re awesome.

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