i wish i had one of those money tree things.

if my optimistic calculations are correct, i have exactly $5. 47 to get me to Friday.

I had $6.47, but I felt I should give at least a dollar to the church offering. so ya.

im not trying to sound depressing, or suggesting i need donations. really. im not.

im just hoping that one day i can look back on this post and be all ‘ya me, im a millionaire now. i was so broke in my 20s. but luckily i got super rich since then.’

plans for becoming rich include (but are not limited to): getting my blog mentioned on oprah, marrying “rich” (aka, someone who makes more than $38,000 annually), and, umm. ya. that’s all i’ve got.

don’t worry though, i’ve got like food and stuff. i mean, i spent parts of my pay check at the grocery story like a responsible person and whatnot. and i’ve got half a tank of gas, so as long as i don’t have to drive anywhere besides work, i’ll be good.

you might be like, ‘crystal, why are you so broke? i thought you had a master’s degree and a grown-up job?’

well, i do. i do. but unfortunately, this whole journalism thing doesn’t pay as well as i’d hoped.

also, i decided to spend $125 to get my hair dyed on this pay check.

im told that in normal-people land, $125 is chunk change. but for me it was ALL of my change.

alas, my hair DOES look splendid, but im pretty sure it would have been smarter to just let the roots show. i mean, they weren’t THAT bad. right?

well, anyway, hindsight, 20/20, you know.

and don’t worry, im trying harder to budget and stuff. it’s just hard because i don’t really have money to budget.

so ya.

now excuse me while i fantasize about the day i’ll have enough money to go to taco bell again.

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  1. That sucks. If it makes you feel better, I once bought my dad a money tree for his birthday or something. Made a joke about how money doesn’t grow on trees, just potted plants, etc. THEN HALF OF IT DIED. Just be thankful you don’t have THAT karma following you around.

  2. I am sure some rich guy out there is saying to himself right now, “Sigh… keys to a happy life: I want to marry broke; G-d, why is is to hard to find a pretty girl with no money and beautifully managed, died hair with no roots showing? Double-sigh… Oh well, guess I will just watch Oprah and see if she recommends and good blogs.”

    Would be pretty sweet, right?

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