if only we knew in 1981, what we know now.

This video is HIL.ARIOUS! and a little sad. in a funny, depressing kind of way.

Circa’ 1981 news report: “Engineers now predict the day will come when we get all our newspapers and magazines by home computer. But that’s a few years off.”


“It takes over two hours to receive the entire text of newspaper over the phone and with a $5 an hour use charge, the new tele-paper won’t be much competition for the 20-cent street edition.”

like i said. hilarious in a sad way.

h/t Journalism news.

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  1. I love that when they flashed the guys name up, they thought it was significant enough to put the words below his name, “Owns a Home Computer”, it’s hard to imagine that back then it was a big freaking deal. I think in 1981 I thought my sit n’ spin was a big freaking deal….

  2. Oh man, social networking must have been a real bummer back then. I can just imagine owners of pet birds switching over to that fancy future newspaper only to realize they will have nothing to line their cages with.

    Don’t judge me, I read the paper first.

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