isn’t wisconsin cold enough?

So i think there’s some sexism going on at my job. either that or everyone just tunes me out when i complain.

First, one of just TWO lights in the women’s bathroom went out, which basically means if someone is in the first stall and you have to use stall two or three you basically end up peeing in the dark (or, if you’re like me and you typically use the bathroom for privacy, it means you have to cry in the dark). Ok. fine. whatever. i KNOW how to pee (and cry) in the dark.

but THEN, yesterday the hot water in the sink broke. and i don’t mean you turn on the hot water and cold comes out, i mean you can’t even get ANY water to come of the hot-water spout.

and now im forced to wash my hands in half melted ice (which is what comes out of the cold-water side). and you people i work with should know that there’s NO WAY i can stand that water for the full 30 seconds hand-washing experts recommend. basically i can only stand it for about .5 seconds

In conclusion, when a virus starts spreading around my office, blame sexism (or my high-pitch voice that’s easy to tune out).

UPDATE: we now have hot water — but it’s worth noting half the bathroom is still dark.

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  1. Uhh. Honey, your voice is not easy to tune out. I had to sit next to you for six months. If it wasn’t your squeeky high-pitched voice, then it was your squeeky chair that drove me nuts. (And, to this day when I move, it’s like nails scratching a chalkboard.) 🙂

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