it was very realistic

Normally I think dream stories are stupid unless I’m in the dream, but I’m going to tell you guys about mine neway (its my blog so ha.)
I’m totally shaken up today bc I drempt that obama died of a heart attack.

two days before the election.
And yes, in my dream biden went to win in a landslide,
But I just had to call my friend bc I needed to b convinced that if either of the candidates was going to die of a heart attack itd probably be the one over 70 (I’m talking to you mccain).

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  1. Poncho Sanchez

    That is really heavy.

  2. Stinky Lou

    Hey, I dreamed he nearly drowned in a soaking tub in my kitchen while I fixed him a tuna fish sandwich!

  3. scvegan

    I had a dream about Sarah Palin last night. What?!? Too much?


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