kind of like a murder, but of a blog

i officially deleted my anonymous journalism blog today.

all but two of you probably didn’t even know i had this site (see: webster, anonymous) but it’s kind of a moot point, seeing as how it’s now been deleted. that’s right. gone. forever. into the dark abyss. or heaven. or into the earth. (im not actually sure where blogs go when they die).


i started it back when i was working in oshkosh as a way to vent because holy pencils, did that place suck. (i can say that right? that it sucked. hmm? i don’t remember any confidentiality agreements). i only kept it up to date for about three minutes though because it’s pretty freaking hard to manage two blogs.

and i’ve let it sit silent for the past six months (ish). so today, out of the kindness of my heart and because wordpress kept yelling at me to EITHER DELETE THE BLOG OR PUT UP A NEW POST ALREADY!! i exported all the files onto my desktop and clicked “delete blog.”

maybe it’s a metaphor for what i subconsciously know i need to do to journalism. or maybe it’s just another thing on my saturday to-do list. either way, it’s gone forever. (so I’m told by wordpress).

the whole thing was a warm-up for my next goal: to delete the site where this blog used to be. but i feel much, much sadder about that possibility.

it’s weird to think that my original home on cybersype could be killed so easily. with a just a few confirmation clicks everything could wipped out.

that one might take me a little longer to actually do.

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  1. Wait, didn’t I leave a comment for this already? Something about this great little scene from one of my favorite 80’s movies; it just popped into my head after reading this post. I must have forgotten to click “submit”. I do that from time to time.

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