kind of like a sea shell but not at all.

UPDATE: All can breathe a sigh of relief. i have a doctor’s appointment Friday morning. I’ll be sure to report back. you know, assuming the “tumor” hasn’t killed me or anything by then 🙂

so remember when i was all “i think my ear is infected or something because it’s really bothering me?”

well, it’s not like infected, infected. it’s like, something else. and i googled it.

and now i kind of think im dying.

the thing is, ever since my gallbladder surgery, it’s been making this swishing sound.

like swish. sw-ish. sw-ish. sw-ish. sw-ish. sw-ish. sw-ish.

and it’s in time with my heart beat.

and sometimes it’s REALLY LOUD. so it’s more like SW-ISH. SW-ISH. SW-ISH. SW-ISH. SW-ISH. SW-ISH.

it’s kind of driving me FREAKING NUTS! and it’s gotten so bad that it’s keeping me up at night.

and instead of getting it looked at like i normal person, i’ve just been taking nyquil to fall asleep.

also, i decided to self-diagnosis. as in, i checked crazy web sites online. my understanding of the situation is it could be either allergies, or a tumor.

the one thing that every web site i checked did have in common was they all told me to GO TO THE DOCTOR.

but i hate doctors. and their stupid “fees.” so instead i have decided to buy a fan, which i figure will drown out the swishing sound. and then i’ll be able to some freaking sleep.

i’ll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Crystal. You can’t put a price on your health. I’m sure you know that. You are afraid of what the doc may say. You probably just have an ear infection. He can Rx some lovely drops that work in a heart beat. No one has had more problems with their ears than Kristin. Go to the doc. Pay the ‘fee’. Get the drops. Works in just a couple of days. Then you get good sleep. What is wrong with that.
    Oh the swooshing you hear is probably fluid trapped behind the ear drum. If you don’t get that taken care of then the ear drum breaks and you can’t hear, again, ever. Pay the fee. Not worth losing your hearing over, is it?
    Don’t close your mind to unasked for advice. Hear, believe, act. Be responsible. We love you.

  2. Crystal,
    I don’t like going to the doctors either, but I read in your paper that they are having a free health screening for people of all ages. Did I say free? That means there are no fees, woman. Go and get it checked out. It is probably just some fluid like your friend said. Sometimes it happens to me and you are going to think I am crazy but if I position my tongue in just the right spot in my mouth the swishing stops. Try it.

  3. Here’s to an easy diagnosis and quick recovery. Your family will be relieved that you have an appointment.

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