like vegan food — today doesn’t suck

in case you were wondering, i found my cell-phone charger (it was missing) and the space bar on my work laptop got fixed (it was broken.)

oh. and the sun is out (it was in.)

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  1. Even long-time vegans will probably learn something about veganism from this podcast series of commentaries related to Oprah’s current 21-day vegan stint (I did!). In the 8th podcast, “Supermarket Survival,” for example, Erik Marcus claims that “vegan” specialty products are often cheaper at specialty food stores than at supermarkets, because the supermarkets exploit their captive vegan customers. Is that true? Please help me do some fact checking to confirm whether this is true in Oshkosh:

    Oprah’s 21-Day Vegan Challenge Support Page


    Podcast |

  2. That title is great; could even be a bumper sticker or tee shirt.

    As for Mr. Barney’s comment regarding price differences between big super markets and specialty stores, I find that this is generally true but maybe not for the given reasons. My local Whole Foods Market is considerably less expensive for packaged vegan items than my local Albertson’s, Ralph’s and Vons markets. Items such as Braggs, Vegenaise, rice noodle’s and even organic grains are less expensive and fresher at Whole Foods.

    Trader Joe’s is a little more expensive for common items between itself and Whole Foods (Tom’s of Maine, Kiss my Face, etc.) but they do have some good deals on fresh-bagged greens and other edibles that are not easily found at other stores.

    If you are interested in organic produce and vegan specialty items then you would probably shop at Whole Foods or a natural foods market if you had that option. Places like Albertson’s and Von’s do not attract those customers and therefore it costs them more money to stock these items, most of which sit until their expiration date and then get thrown away.

    Further, that target customer base for those items who may try shopping at those big markets are just disappointed because much of their organic produce is of little variety, not fresh and sometimes moldy not to mention considerably more expensive than the natural foods market two miles away.

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