mistakes i don’t plan to make twice — but really are mistakes every planned?

I didn’t have to go to work until noon today (don’t worry, I worked late tonight) so i stayed up late to watch the returns and then got up early to find out what the heck happened in California. Then, around 10 a.m. I started getting ready for my lovely job. Because I’m an idiotaddicted to my phone I brought it in the bathroom and set in on the medicine cabinet while I took a shower (in my defence work COULD have called with some sort of editing emergency). 

well, work never called, but the steam from my shower did get into my phone — which rebelled against getting wet by deciding to stop picking up my voice. I could hear everything clear as day, but nobody could hear me. I felt like a screaming ghost. I found this out first calling my friend, who couldn’t hear me, then calling my friend six more times, then calling my sister. She said ‘crystal, I can’t hear you,’ and hung up, without any concern for my situation. and YES, she’s only 8, but a little sympathy would have been nice.


I have a full-blown addiction to my phone, so I freaked out. to

I immediately drove to the Verizon store, while visions of spending $150 on a new phone danced in my head fighting with the visions of my bank account balance. 

I stormed in to the store, slammed my phone on the counter and said ‘you probably can’t fix it, but it’s broken.’ I kind of left out the part about probable water damage, which my warranty doesn’t cover.

For some reason, every person who works at a cell phone store is a cute guys with too much ax body spray. This person was no exception. He tried to calm me down by asking how long my phone had been acting up.

‘Five minutes. I brought it in right away because I’m crazy,’ I calmly said back. I think he thought i was joking.

He explained that the microphone probably just was broken and he just needed to check my account. sigh. my account is classified as “employee” because my mom (who awesomely pays my bill each month) is the holder and she works for Verizon. Because Verizon probably doesn’t want employees giving themselves free ring-tones and extra minutes, only “special” employees can access employee accounts. This guy was not special.

But he was nice. So he said he could replace my phone for free anyway. THAT’S RIGHT! THEY REPLACED IT FREE’ and now I have a crush on Verizon and everyone should go get a verizon phone. right now. tell them i sent you.

i got my new phone, went to work, did some reporting, covered an event and the made my next mistake of the day. I came back to the office and realized 20 minutes later that I had left my notebook at the event. 


I needed this notebook. I mean, they tell me it’s not ethical to make up quotes for stories, so without the notebook I was either going to be totally unethical or not have a story. I ran to tell the copy desk boys that I had to go back and get my notebook. They laughed at me. I didn’t laugh with them.

I ran to my car, attempting not kill myself by falling on black ice. I sped over to where the event was and tried to not to kill myself by spinning out on black ice. I ran through the building, up the stairs and down the hall. then i realized my calves are SUPER out of shape. I turned the corner. and there it was. covered in an angelic light, my yellow notebook was sitting on the table. I said a ‘thank you God’ prayer, grabbed it and ran back to the office and filed my story.

In conclusion, some notes to self: 1. don’t take your cell phone into bathrooms under any circumstances (and if you do, don’t tell anyone that it broke because of water damage). 2. always remember your notebook.

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