my cue to read ‘the elements of style’

so tonight i was talking to this guy i recently met about my blog.

and he was all “‘ya, i was thinking about starting a blog, but i’m not that good at spelling or grammar.'”

and then i was all, “‘umm, have you read my blog? it’s not about that kind of stuff. it’s about writing without editors.'”

and he was all “‘ya, seeing your blog made me think, ‘if she can do it, i can do it.'”

wait. huh?

what’s that supposed to mean?

i should probably start using capital letters.

p.s. click here if you don’t understand my oh-so-clever title.

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  1. the guy overlooked the fact that his blog has no chance to be as funny. no. chance. in. hell.
    you’re style is being imitated, though. so you can smile about that.

  2. Elements of Style = used toilet paper.
    A day without a Lindell blog post = the stuff wiped on that toilet paper.
    See, I’m just not as funny as you. So hurry up and post, so I can stop trying and just keep reading.

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