new life goal no. 4,583

so the other day one i was talking to my friends from back in the day about how I need to set a new goal, because i’ve already accomplished my last goal of finding a job in the chicagoland area. 

and he said ‘you should set a goal to make a million dollars, because you always accomplish your goals, and then you’ll be rich’

mind you, this was a boy i used to want to date, and at one point in my life my goal was to marry him. you can tell by my currently single status how well that worked out. 

but also, the reason i accomplish most of my goals is that they tend to be fairly realistic. 

‘go to college’ check

‘get a job after college’ check

‘get a different job that i actually like because i hate being a copy editor’ check

etc. etc. 

nevertheless i’ve been pondering my new life goal choices lately, and after some discussion with my friend “the writer,” i’ve decided (at his urging) that i really, really want to write a book. 

and i believe that when we say our goals out loud enough times we eventually reach them. 

and i’ve told a few other people that this is my new goal, and they have all looked at me like a crazy person. 

but those are the same people who thought i could never make a living as a journalist. and NO, i don’t make a very good living as a journalist. but i manage to pay most of my bills every month. and im fairly convinced that those are the same people who don’t accomplish many of their own goals because they don’t think random things like writing a book are possible.

im going go ahead to do my best to ignore those folk. 

and if you’ll know of someone who wants me to write a book filled with lower case i’s, let me know because i am SO their girl.

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  1. You should write a book about how hard it is to write a book. Staying positive in the face of your negative friends, the difficulties in making a living with the pen, being distracted by actors named Johnny Depp and overcoming a serious addiction/handicap. You can embellish the addiction/handicap part, readers love to hear about how much worse off other people have it.

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