not a fan of “bing.” yet.

i try SO hard to stay right there on the cutting edge of technology. i want to be right next to the scissors and the twitters people. for realz.

but alas, i just CANNOT get into Bing, microsoft’s latest search “decision” engine. below are my list of gripes:

1. it makes me think of Chandler Bing from Friends. seriously. and that has nothing to do with search.

2. when you “bing” sevenlayerburritos, my site doesn’t even come up on the first page. LAME. that’s the whole point of having my url. and for that matter, when you bing “crystal lindell” my blog doesn’t come up. that’s crap.

3. it’s too dark. google is so bright and white and clean. bing, while pretty, has way too much clutter on it. i mean, ya, i do like the home page pictures with the cool little search suggestions. but the way the “bing” header is placed in a picture on the top of search results, it just looks like too much. call me picky. fine. whatever.

4. i spent a week two days trying all my searches in bing and google to compare. i even went through the trouble of adding bing to my browser’s search engine bar. all i ended up doing was annoying the crap out of myself and causing twice as much work so i could find out that google is fine. great actually. google is just great.

5. im told i would like the hover feature of the search results, where a section of the web page listed pops up when i scroll over it. but i just think it makes even more clutter. a small synopsis works just dandy for me.

6. bing is supposed to be good for shopping. i searched for wedding invitations on it (NOT for me) and the results were the exact same as google. plus, i never shop online. so ya.

7. im just used to google. and bing doesn’t give me super secret search results i can’t get on google, which makes me think there’s no point in switching.

8. ah man. i don’t want to be the girl resisting change over here. but seriously.

9. also, when i tell people to bing something, they look at me like im crazy. or trying to0 hard to sound cool. when i tell people to google something, i sound totally normal.

in conclusion: i won’t be binging things anytime soon. unless they randomly start posting unlisted numbers. because then i’d be all up on that.

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  1. i totally agree with you! bing is way overhyped by microsoft. it is really not that different from google. the only plus i’ve noticed is that their maps application is better than google’s though, but honestly, that’s about it.

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