oh interweb, how i’ve missed thee

apparently just because i’ve recently been unplugged (do people still say that? what with wireless and all?), things are still happening in the world.

weird. i know.

for example, did you know that season five of project runway is being strangely guarded? the internet told me so right here. i didn’t even know there was a sesaon five.



wait, there’s a dispute over who wrote the serenity prayer? i thought god wrote that.


tony snow died?!


he was so young. and i didn’t even know he was sick.


oh no. the movie “wanted” apparently got bad reviews (one of which is found here.) what the crap? i SAW this movie and i didn’t even know it was bad. man. what would i DO without the internet?


OMG! MADONNA IS CHEATING?! with A-ROD?! HOLY JESUS! I thought she was religious. it was my understanding that religious people don’t cheat.

wow. i don’t know about you, but MY world was just shattered.


well i better get away from this interweb thing before i learn too much and i have to start ruling the world or something.

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