ok. fine. i freaking joined linkedIn.

apparently I’m like eight decades behind the curve on this crap, but I have finally joined LinkedIn. For those of you even more behind than me, it’s basically like facebook, but without all the underage drinking photos and status updates.

or at least as far as i can tell.

the most annoying part about joining a new online thingy is that i have to learn all of its social norms. for example, I really, really, really want to link to this blog on my linkedin because im a stupid girl who’s sole life mission is to get more clicks. however, my brief assessment of LinkedIn has led me to believe that linking to this site on a professional network such as it is would be like like showing my boss my bra — it’s not something i want to show him, but if he finds it himself, no big deal. i guess. maybe. or maybe that’s not the best metaphor here.

anyway, ya. my boss is on LinkedIn. and by “my boss,” i actually mean, like 5 of my bosses. so that’s weird.

i asked them to be my friends. oh. wait. crap. that’s the facebook in me talking. im sorry. i asked them to be my “connections.” or maybe i invited them. or did i actually just ask them to connect to me?


see. new social networks are SO hard.

just to recap, i now have two facebooks (one for undergrad and one for graduate school), a myspace, this blog, my twitter, a LinkeIn, a 20-something blogger account, a fule my blog account, and i also run my rss feed on brazen careerist.

in conclusion, if you’re thinking of inviting me to anything online. well, as you can tell, i’ll say yes.


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  1. I have not joined any social networking sites but that’s because I don’t have any friends. Well, at least not any friends that I want to encourage communication with.

  2. The comparison to showing your boss your bra is pretty much exactly how I feel. My blog isn’t a big deal, and I tend not to write anything too drastic on it, so if my boss found it, no big. But it’s definitely not something I’d go out of my way to show him. Yep, def not.

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