Mission Trip!!!!

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A 3-D tacb bell sign in Atlanta!! Packet 1: I love you. Packet 2: Umm...Awkward. A giant peach missing its James.
Look! That sign says DAYTONA BEACH!!! Some of the first palm trees we saw!!
I look horrible here. Horrible but happy.
These are my feet. The sand was was pretty and smooth and white and all the kids were calling it "God's glitter."
I have no idea who's hand this is.
This is Anna.
There was a crab in this water, but you can't really see it so you'll just have to pretend.
I took this while laying under a palm tree.
I also took this one while laying under a palm tree. These were two of my favorite pictures.
This was home to the DIRTIEST bathroom we used on the whole trip. There was like blood and throw-up and enough germs to cause a nuclear war.
At this point we had been in the car for about 18 hours. Can you tell? Some of our bags at 4:30 a.m. the morning we left.
Half asleep and I hadn't even started driving yet!
This rainbow appeared over I-90 as we were leaving. :)
This was painted on the wall at the church we stayed at in Knoxville, Tenn.
Laura, aka, the angel* adult leader.
This is how I looked after 19 hours in a car.
Isn't the ocean AWESOME?!
Super happy sunshine bags!
I was told to open my eyes really wide here. I did.
PART 1: Paul when he's dazing into space. PART 2: Paul when I ask if he's OK.
Photos 1 - 202 out of 202 | Back to Albums
Description: Best. Trip. Ever!!!!
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida

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