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Yes, that IS a Johnny Depp poster there in the background on the back of my bedroom door. How the heck did you know!!??
Someday, I will show you all that I have friends because I will not have to take a picture of myself. :) What I was looking at must have been HI.LARIOUS.
At the Signature Room at the John Hancock. Hair is a hot mess, but the smile is genuine. Was too foggy Friday night to get a good view, but it was still super fun. April thinks this photo is HI.LARIOUS. Me, I think I just look like a dork.
April has a hard time keeping her eyes open when there's a flash.
I caught her off guard. I guess. Either that, or she's about to go insane here.
Here, you'll see the young reporter holding a 140-million-(ish)- year-old dinosaur bone. Seriously. That is a dinosaur bone. It's a Diplodocus arm. 
From these guys: http://www.dinosauria.biz/
credit: Lauren Anderson/Super Awesome Northwest Herald Photographer.
Yay, my eyebrows actually match my hair!
Photos 1 - 40 out of 40 | Back to Albums
Location: randomville

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