rain, rain, go away

first of all, what the heck kind of name for a hurricane is Gustav?



why couldn’t they go with something more fitting? like DESTRUCTOR. or maybe, BRINGER OF AWFULNESS.

you know, something with a little more bite to it. 

gustav sounds too nice. 

I wish I could say, “whatever dude. I live in Illinois. hurricanes don’t affect me. and how bad could they be? I mean rain? really. for crying out loud, this one is named Gustav.”

but i can’t. because my Aunt Gail, Uncle Randy and my two cousins Michelle and Elizabeth live in New Orleans. 

and so does my friend Lyndon. 

and they all have to pick up and leave town to avoid the stupid hurricane casually making its way to the golf cost. 

where the JUST HAD a hurricane three years ago. 

and from what i understand, they haven’t quite gotten everything back to normal from that. 

my family currently is driving up here to Illinois to stay with my grandma for awhile. photo albums, important documents and pets in tow. 

and im pretty scared for them. 

as for Lyndon, i’m not sure where’s he headed, but I’m scared for him too. 

so I’m going to go ahead and pray that Gustav takes a turn for the ocean and miraculously misses their town.

if you want, you can pray too.

and then maybe, this will all end up being a bunch of people overreacting. 


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  1. Sounds like something I wrote yesterday!!! I wasn’t THRILLED with the idea of “Gustav” either… why not Gretchen? Or Gary?

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