reflections on a birthday

The following is an imaginary conversation, but you can feel free to mimic it whenever necessary:

Person A: Hey there, do you read “The only certainty is bad grammar?”

Person B: Of COURSE! That blog is so funny. AND, did you know the girl who writes it is 25?

Person A: Wow, 25? Really. That’s so cool.

Person A and B: Smile.

That’s right folks. I turned 25 yesterday.

supposedly my car insurance rates will go down soon as a result. YAY. (yes, i KNOW my recent car accident might interfere with that. why do you always have to crush my dreams. gawd.)

also, i can now say with absolute certainty that im “in my MID-twenties. exactly” before it was unclear whether i was in my early twenties or my mid-twenties. 24’s a tricky age. but don’t worry because 25 is CLEARLY MID-twenties.

First of all. THANK YOU to all the people who sent me a text message, or wrote on my facebook wall, or commented on my myspace page yesterday with the ever clever phrase ‘happy birthday’.

even you sarah kaplan (who I haven’t actually talked to since I was 13) way to remember my big day. 🙂

second of all, im going to go ahead and post a picture of me and my mom on my ACTUAL birthday, for those of you concerned that my appearance has changed dramatically since I turned 25.


from left to right. my mom, me. do i look older?
from left to right. my mom, me. do i look older?

i think i look pretty much the same. i mean YES, i would argue that i see a couple wrinkles, but other than that, i look pretty young. (and my mom doesn’t look to bad either, if i do say so myself.)

third of all, thank you to the 14 waiters who sang happy birthday to me yesterday at the olive garden (and to my mom for taking me to the BEST restaurant on EARTH for my bday). seriously, the singing didn’t embarrass me at all. oh and I CANNOT forget to thank the waitress who carded me for my wine. way to make me feel young.
there it is folks, my 9,132nd day on earth.
fun times. fun times.
in conclusion: im thinking my 25th year is shaping up to be pretty good.
Person A: what about the sara bareilles concert you talked about on twitter? aren’t you going to blog about that?
me: yes, silly. but it was SO amazing that it gets its VERY OWN post. stay tuned.
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