sheltered lives

sew, i volunteered at homeless shelter last night. nothing too exciting to report, but since everyone I talk to on a daily basis (hi Jill, hi mom) was curious as to how it went, i’ll tell you.

I got there around 11 p.m. (to do the 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. shift) and the woman in charge of the first shift was all, “oh, it’s been a quiet night. well, there was that one fight, but i wasn’t here for that because i was in the midst of taking someone to the hospital. but things seemed to have calmed down.” and i was all ‘frick. that’s a QUIET night. im so screwed.’

but luckily everyone was asleep (or at least faking it d*mn well) by the time I got there, so me and the other volunteer on the shift just had to make some sack lunches and not fall asleep. let me tell you, the highlight of the night was the sack lunches. other than that, he and i just played uno.

four three hours. (from 11 to midnight we just talked, while considering the uno). I’m not 100 percent certain, but I’m pretty sure I rock at UNO so i therefore must have won most of the games. 🙂

then around 2 a.m. I went to the bathroom. (i know. exciting). then the next shift’s volunteer showed up at 3 a.m. and the other volunteer and I went home.

like i said, not much to report. i do plan to do it again (see: every second wednesday of the month). and im happy i did it. being a newspaper reporter, pretty much every other story i write is about how the need for these types of things keeps going up (see: poor economy), so what the heck. i don’t really NEED sleep. right?

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  1. So I have a few issues with this post and the blog in general:

    1. Boiling potatoes was way more exciting than making sack lunches (even though I’m still not entirely sure why we boiled them. Was it just me or did the other volunteer seem a bit peeved at the length of time they were boiling?)

    2. I’m pretty sure I won most of the UNO games.

    3. Now that I can read about and track your life online, what will we ever talk about for four hours the second Wednesday of each month? Perhaps we’ll need a new game.

    4. I don’t like being known simply as “the other volunteer.” I’m not exactly sure why. And I realize that I called the guy that came in at 3 a.m. “the other volunteer,” but that’s only because I can’t remember his name.

    Anyway, that’s all I have for now. The blog looks good. I’ll have to study up. By next month, I’m gonna know more about you than you know about yourself, if that’s possible. I think it is.

  2. I tried to do some volunteer work once, but it turns out that I don’t care about other people.

    Oh, is this the last soda? You haven’t had one yet? Better go get some more while I sit here enjoying my third soda of the day.

    Yeah, that me. Looking out for number one. Numero UNO! What’s that Mr. Jesus? You want some soda? Here you go, have some soda. That’s a good Mr. Jesus.

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