if only taco bell would sponsor me

so with journalism collapsing before my eyes (see here, here, and here) I’m starting to wonder about my life choice.

that train of thought has led me to seriously ponder how the heck anyone can make any money blogging. i signed up for a google ad account, which i haven’t even bothered incorporating into this site because i don’t know how, because nobody makes any freaking money from that anyway. (we’re talking like 3 cents a day people.) and because the ads are lame and who the heck EVER clicks on a google ad?

i have since concluded that a single, strong corporate sponsor is the way to go here. you know, in crystal fantasy land. (picture it: the only certainty is bad grammar. brought to you by your friends at blackberry). the only problem is a. i don’t have enough clicks yet and b. i have NO idea how to get a freaking sponsor. i imagine contacting someone in a skyrise and explaining to them that im really awesome would be the way to start, but after that I’ve got nothing.

im also very curious as to why some of my favorite bloggers, such as penelope trunk and alan speinwall, and even my friend kritta (whom i can only assume get MASSIVE clicks), don’t have ads on their sites. are they afraid of google? or do they not like to make money?

And while we’re on the topic, I’m not sure if this is an oversight or what, but a bazillon mobile sites have no ads whatsoever, i.e. the chicago tribune. YES, they have a blackberry shortcut, which like a good little chicagolander I have on my phone, but the thing is completely ad free. they are literally giving away their news. why? you’d think there’d at least be a little link on top that says “go eat subway for lunch today” or SOMETHING. what the heck are they thinking?

i haven’t quite gotten to the point where i’d like to set up a tip jar on my site for eDonations (although free money is ALWAYS welcome) but I’m wondering what ya’ll think.

yes, i’m aware that i have NO paid ads on my site, (either via the computer version or the mobile version) but i do plan to figure out that whole google ad thing soon, so don’t be shocked if you see a link telling you that you CAN in fact lose all the belly fat by following one simple rule.

also, for those out there with things to sell, you should know that I’d totally sacrifice my integrity to write nice things about your product if you give me money. (i.e. I LOVE harris bank. you guys should go bank there. AND im so craving a tropicana lemonade, you should go get one and then drink it).

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