palin, bug bites and blackberries

i want to start out this post by talking about how tired i am, but im beginning to worry that i talk about being tired way too much on this site and that concerned folk might start to worry about me.

so instead, let’s talk about how there is NOTHING on tv on sunday mornings and how i probably waste like 8 hours a week flipping through channels waiting for either a XX:00 or a XX:30 so new shows will start.

oh. and how palin RANDOMLY QUIT!?

i mean, what the heck? i have been checking my blackberry like a crazy person looking at all types of news sites trying to figure out who will be the first to break the REAL reason behind her resignation.

im sorry, i just don’t buy “the media is mean.” and “i don’t want to be a lame duck.”

come on alaska media, i know it’s a holiday weekend, but get your crap together and break some news for crist sake!

also, we should talk about mosquito bites. this just in: they still SUCK.

im pretty sure i have about 73 right now after sitting outside participating in fourth of july activities yesterday. and they’re itching.

holy crap do they ITCH!

i used bug spray. and then i got some in my eye and then it burned like crazy.

also, citronella candles are just one big scam, because they have never, ever worked at any outdoor gathering i have EVER been too.

on another note, i got a new cover for my blackberry:


see how pretty it is?!

i heart the pink and the wonderful swirls and the lovely leaves.

i got it at a kiosk at woodfield. and it was marked as $25, but the stupid thing wouldn’t click closed and the sales lady was trying to tell me it was because i had a misshaped battery, which im pretty sure isn’t even a real thing.

so then i was like, “umm just forget it.”

and the lady was like, “no, no. i can close it.” and they did pretty much close it except for a little clip on the left side.

so i was like “really, just forget it” and she was like “what about another design? i’ll give you another design for $15” and i was like “no. really, i want THIS design. so really, just forget it.”

and then she was like “ok. i’ll give it to for $10.”

and i took it.

then i used the $15 i saved to get my eyebrows waxed.

yay me.

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