Why I love the show Nashville and you should too.

I love Nashville (the TV show, not the city) (Not that there’s anything wrong with the city).

I know, I know. It’s a one-hour drama. On a Network station. And the cheerleader from Heroes is in it, and last you heard she was staring in Bring it On 7 or something, so this show must suck.

But it doesn’t. It’s awesome.

I accidentally saw the premiere while I was visiting my friend in Pennsylvania, and I was hooked.

And I could tell that it’s about two rival country singers, one of whom is old (Rayna James) and one of whom  is young (Juliette Barnes) and that they don’t really like each other, but they both love the same guy.

And I could tell you that the older one is kind of supposed to be like Faith Hill I think, and the younger one is kind of supposed to be like Taylor Swift. And how at first I was totally thinking the one who’s kind of like Taylor was a bi-otch, but then I realized she’s just young and dumb and insecure and she means well. And how the one who’s kind of like Faith lures you into rooting for her at the beginning, but then you realize that she’s just as guilty as anyone on the show. For goodness sake SHE’S MARRIED, WHY IS SHE EVEN CHASING THE GUY?!

But the plot is not the reason I love this show.

I love this show because of the writing.

It’s real, and it’s striking, and you when you watch it, you don’t even notice it because it’s that good.

At one point, Juliette turns to the guy both she and Reyna are chasing and says, “I think something about you makes me want to grow up.”

And haven’t we all been lured into that? Imagining that if we were just a little bit older and had our lives a little bit more together, everything would be perfect. Thinking that someone older than us is so much better off.

But the it’s not even a show about one-liners, even though the previews would have you believe that. It’s so much deeper than that, and really I just want to tell that there’s a ton of original music and I love it all.

You need to hear the song, “No one will ever love you” right now. And then listen to it again. And then dream about lost-love and call your old boyfriend. The actress who plays Rayna sings it like it’s dripping slowly offer her lips the way ice cream drops linger. And the words taste sweet and breathless and desperate all at once.

“Can’t you see? I know why you’re lonely.
It’s time you knew it too.
No one will ever love you. No one will ever love you.”


I never once think to myself, “Well this show has some corny moments, or it drags every now and then, or you have to get through the first episode to appreciate it, but I love it anyway.” No, I do not ever think any of those things. I just love it. Period.

And  you should watch it so you can love it too. And also because I will cry if it gets cancelled.

So go watch it, right now, online at abc.com. Feel free to thank me later.

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