should they change their name to old kids?

nkotb. they still have the right stuff.
nkotb. they still have the right stuff.

so back in the day (we’ll go with 1993) I was IN LOVE with the new kids on the block. and I asked EVERYONE for new kids on the block stuff for my birthday, and i had visions of a new kids on the block-themed room complete with pillow cases and a new kids on the block backpack.

except the only person who got me anything was my aunt jean, and it was a cassette tape of four of their songs. and holy crap, did I ever listen to that thing. my mom said nobody else got me stuff because they all thought everyone else would give me new kids on the block stuff. which seemed like a pretty lame reason in my book, seeing as how it is IMPOSSIBLE to have too much new kids on the block stuff.

anyway, I eventually moved on to more important things (like saved by the bell), but the boys always held a piece of my tween heart.

but then. oh snap. the NKOTB (look how cool i am, using their acronym) decided to make a COMEBACK!!!!!!

holy jebus.

are you asking me if I got tickets to go see them? because OF COURSE I DID!

$60 later, I was on my way to their Saturday night concert at the Allstate Arena.

I went with my best friend April and her sister Jackie and a group of other NKOTB fans in their late 20s and early 30s.

let me tell you people, I am NOT the only person left who still LOVES these guys.

a sold-out stadium full of 22- to 32-year-old women in Chicagoland apparently feel the same way. and they had the side pony tails, leggings, and original NKOTB jackets to prove it. (myself? i donned a couple NKOTB buttons on my jacket, old-school style).

People, this stadium full of women (and four gay guys) was filled with screams for the ENTIRE 2-hour show.

every.single.second. the women screamed SO much that my ears ached afterward.

:: sigh ::

ok. you got me. I screamed too.

don’t judge.

it was just SO exciting.

and they kept all their old choreography.

and for some reason none of their voices have changed.

first, let me say that their new stuff is pretty awesome.

but everyone knows we were there for the oldies. “Step by Step” anyone? How about “Hang Hangin Tough?” you know you want to wave your hands in the air right now, don’t even bother fighting it.

and it was SO awesome. and April said it was the best concert experience of her life. and im going to have to go ahead and agree with here there.

because NKOTB still rocks my socks.

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